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  1. Gerardo, Fernando, Please send my best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery to Iñaki ! Hope to see him soon in good shape. all the best to you all, Pierre
  2. After a long drive to Grenoble (11hours), I'm back home. I wanted to say THANK YOU to Miguel and all the organiser team. You did an excellent job once again despite the weather conditions ! hopefully, the wind blown the last day, so we could enjoy fast flights. It is always a real pleasure to travel to spain, meet with friends and fly in La Muela. Next year I hope to come back again, as it will be 20 years since my first Muela in 1995 Please find my photo album here: Cheers, Pierre
  3. The video is online (Starring Alvaro ): Pierre
  4. Dear Miguel, You don't need to apology as this things can happen everywhere, anytime. Organisation was at the top level, and I really want to thank you all for running this event sucessfully ! You have all my confidence, for sure ! I will come back next year of course. By the way, I posted this morning a short report about the contest on Video to come later this week. All the best, Pierre
  5. Hi all, What is wrong in sending to french pilots a result (at 3:30pm), after it has been confirmed by Miguel at midday that it was problem with discards and penalties ? Then we received the new pdf ranking from Miguel at 6 pm. This communication was supposed to be internal to the french community. If the problem is that the french F3F list is accessible to everybody, what you seems to complain about, then the best solution is to restrict its access. As owner of this list, I will change the privilege and settings in the coming hours and remove some email addresses. On my side, I haven't published anything on planet soaring just because, this time, it would be publlic, and I wanted to wait the announcment from Miguel first. Anyway, this doesn't affect at all my interest in La Muela F3F competition. I came the first time in 1995, participated to most of them since this date (except Inaki, I think I participated more than every body else 8)) , and will continue to come even if it is 1200 km from my place. I like the place, the country, and really appreciate the people and the welcome we receive eahc time. A big thanks to Miguel and his team for organising such good competition ! By the way, who comes to the pyrenees cup in 3 weeks ? ( All the best, Pierre Note: I'm working on a short video that I should post in the coming days.
  6. Dear F3F Friends, We discovered today a text proposal that will be discussed in April at the CIAM plenary meeting. It proposes to consider the supression of some F3x category, especially F3F, but also F3B. The proposal want to keep only F3J and F3K for very subjective reasons. Please read carefuly the text below, and brief your CIAM delegates to vote against this proposal ! Thanks for your attention, All the best to you all, and see you in 3 weeks Pierre REDUCTION OF NUMBER OF AEROMODELLING CLASSES AND CHAMPIONSHIPS Minutes of the 2010 CIAM Plenary Meeting (page 26): “It was agreed that the number of championships is now so great that major difficulties are experienced in finding enough organisers, venues, officials and FAI Jury members and there is a greater financial burden on NACs than ever before. Measures must be taken to reduce the number of Championships. Ideas put forward were a reduction in the classes overall; a reduction in championship classes; running combined championships and increasing the interval between Championships. Bureau was unanimously mandated by Plenary to look at this and generate a proposal for the 2011 Plenary Meeting.“ The 2012 CIAM Bureau Meeting have considered the problem (item 23 of April Bureau Meeting and item 18 of December Bureau Meeting). Kevin Dodd as 2nd Vice-President has been appointed to be the Co-ordinator of the reduction of Championships. An Open Forum will be organised at the next CIAM Plenary Meeting on the basis of a document to be produced by Kevin Dodd. Actually (see Table in annex), there are for Aeromodelling (without considering the Space models Championships) 16 separate World Championships (some of them with combined classes)covering 23 classes for Seniors (14 of them with the possibility to have a junior as fourth member team) and 7 classes with a specific Junior Championship (5 Junior Championships). I clearly support the idea of reduction the number of Championships and the number of classes. There are various arguments for that. There is no other sport with so many World Championships. This is aggravated by the effective low number of aeromodellers doing high level competition. Besides, a so high number is not considered as credible by the Executive Board of the FAI. The number of World Championships is increasing with a number of competitors decreasing slowly in many countries for different reasons and especially because of the cost of the high level competition. It is also more and more difficult to find qualified organisers every year. A so important number of National teams is also difficult to support by the NACs. See below my suggestions on the subject. 1- Eligibilty for World and Continental Championships Rules regarding eligibility for World Championships are defined in Volume ABR paragraph A.16: “minimum period of two years from the time the rules were made official during which at least two international contests were held each with a minimum of five FAI members nations participating.“ Moreover, according to the General Section of Sporting Code (paragraph 3.5.31), if there are less than 4 NACs registered, the Air Sport Commission (CIAM for Aeromodelling) decides whether the World Championship will take place and whether or not a title will be awarded. It is necessary to reinforce the requirements concerning eligibility for World (and Continental) Championships both for a new Championship and existing ones: Existence of an effective and active World Cup, which means a minimum number of International Contests (8 to be discussed) and a minimum number of placed competitors every year (40 to be discussed). Remarks: the idea is to encourage the Subcommittees to develop World Cups and to be sure there is real competition activity for any World Championship and so not to stay in the situation where World Championship classes are without any real international activity during the year (for example, on the basis of the 2013 FAI Calendar, no Open International contest in F4C, only one in F4H or F5D and two in F3N). In order to attract competitors from other continents, we have to encourage two or three European countries closed geographically closed to organize Open Internationals concentrated on a week in July or August of the year for which there is no World Championship (odd or even year depending the class). Minimum numbers of participating countries and placed competitors for the last two World Championships (15 countries and 35 competitors to be discussed). Remark : an equivalent specification can be applied to European Championships with for example a minimum of 10 countries and 25 competitors t(o be discussed); regarding other regions, it should stay at four countries with no minimum regarding placed competitors. So, it will be an useful support to have a data base (number of placed competitors and number of participating countries) for all Aeromodelling (and Space Models) Championships (in each class for combined Championships) for the last 10 years. Combined World Championships (inside the limit of five classes for each championships as defined in volume ABR paragraph B.24) such as F3C/F3N for RC Helicopter or F4C/F4H for RC Scale have also to be encouraged each time such Championships could be imagined. Remark : depending of the World Championships which will be maintained, it will be necessary to review the years (odd or even) of the remaining World Championships for example in order to avoid the same year for F3A and F3P World Championships (if F3M World Championship is not maintained). See below some personal considerations regarding the existing Aeromodelling World Championships and possibilities to reduce their number: F1 (Free Flight): I support the idea to combine the Senior F1A-B-C and the Junior F1A-B-P in the same World Championship as done in F1D and F1E (or F3J and F3K in Radio Controlled). With such combined Senior and Juniors Championships, the Juniors will take more benefit from the Championship getting support and advice from high level experienced Senior competitors. It will also facilitate the job for the NACs. F2 (Control Line): the actual combined World Championships (4 classes) with a possible junior as fourth member team seems to be optimum. The main difficulty is to find experienced organizers and adapted facilities. F3 RC Aerobatics: in my opinion, there is no place for threeseparate World Championships. Regarding the following considerations, it could be suggested to maintain only F3A and F3P World Championships. F3A: a F3A World Championship hasto be maintained considering the notoriety of that class and the high numbers of countries and competitors competing in this World Championships. F3P: I consider that it is a very appropriate class for a World Championship considering the fact this class is very attractive for young competitors and for medias. That is also the only Indoor RC class flown which means which could be easily flown all around the world at any time of the year. The idea to run World Championship in February or March is very appropriate. F3M: we must have the courage to reconsider the decision of the 2012 CIAM Plenary Meeting of eligibility of F3M for a World Championship regarding the important problems existing in that class (level of noise, transportation by air plane of the models). If this championship is maintained, it has to be considered as a combined World Championship with F3A (such as done in F3C /F3N); but this is difficult to consider actually regarding a reasonable duration of the Championships and/or without reconsidering the number of flights in F3A. Remark : the rules have also to be completed if a World Championship is maintained (use of TBL, semi-final and/or final flights, team placing as for F3A, …). F3 Soaring: there is in my opinion no place for fourseparate World Championships. Regarding the following considerations, I suggest to maintain only the F3J and F3K Championships. F3B and F3J: those two classes are close. We have to request the Subcommittee to choose between those two classes for a World Championship. I personally suggest to keep the F3J – rather than F3B -which is at the moment a combined Seniors and Juniors. F3K: the World Championship in that class has to be encouraged because F3K is the most RC sportive class which means potentially attractive for the young modelists. This class has also a real potential for medias such as TV’s. F3F: I don’t consider that the introduction of a World Championship in that class is a good think. The success of a World Championship will very much depend of the meteorological conditions. I consider that the World Cup is more adapted for that class. F3 Helicopter: both F3C and F3N classes are acceptable for a World Championship if it stays as now on a combined World Championships. F3 Pylon: at the moment the Pylon racing World Championship only concerns the class F3D. The class F5D (Electric Pylon Racing) is combined with the F5B World Championship. In my opinion, it will be more appropriate to combine F5D and F3D in the same Word Championships rather to combine with F5B (no common points except the fact the propulsion is electric for both classes). F4 Scale: we have to see if the introduction of a F4H World Championship class combined with F4C will have a sufficient positive impact regarding the number of participating countries. F5 Electric: see F3 Pylon. 2- Other aspects regarding World or Continental Championships Periodicity: according to the General Section of Sporting Code (paragraph 3.5.62), “World and Continental Championships should be held approximately every two years in any discipline or class.” In my opinion, we have to stick on that two years cycle and not go to World Championships every four years in order to reduce the number of World Championships to organize every year. For many reasons, Most of the sports have a World Championship every two years and no sport has gone to a four cycle years for their World Championships. Duration of the Championships: CIAM Bureau must take care number of days for each World Championship in order to minimize duration of each Championship. For example, it could be suggested to reconsider the “reserve” day existing in some World or European Championships. Choice of the organisers of World and Continental Championships: it is absolutely necessary to implicate the concerned Subcommittee Chairman for each bid of World Championship in order to check that the bids respect the rules requirements regarding facilities, equipments, capabilities of the organiser, … This implication must be done before the CIAM Plenary Meeting which will award the Championship. Guide of the organiser: it will be very useful to have for each World Championship guide defining the technical requirements to respect. In order to help the organiser, it will be also desirable to define the “tools” necessary for the World Championships (software for the calculation of results and placings, processing card, templates which are necessary for the processing of the models, ,…) with possibility of download them on the CIAM website. Thus has to be done by the concerned Subcommittee under control of the CIAM Bureau. FAI Organiser Agreement Document: the CIAM Bureaumust take about the reviewing of that document done by the FAI in order to have a document adapted for the Aeromodelling (and Space Models) Word Championships and covering all aspects (technical requirements, amounts for entry fees, banquet, food package, FAI medals and diplomas, …). 3- Annual ranking of nations based on World Championships medals Such an international ranking (such as done for the Olympic Games, or for the 2009 World Air Games) can be done in application of Volume ABR (paragraph B.2.7). It could be done annually but taking in account the medals awarded in World championships on two years (2011/2012, then 2012/2013 and so on) in order to cover all the World Championships. For example, it could be given 3 points for a gold medal, 2 points for a silver medal and 1 point for a bronze medal (individual or team placing). There could be also a specific ranking regarding the juniors results. Number of points allocated could be different considering it is a specific Junior Championships and a Junior placing for classes where there are no specific junior Championship. 4- Airsports Promotion classes (F6) In my opinion, there is no real place for specific promotional classes. The Subcommittes have to take in account attractiveness for spectators and medias. An alternative solution to the F6 classes is an adaptation of the rules of World Championship classes with local rules for specific category 1 events such World Air Games or World Games (Cali 2013). F6A can be replaced by F3M adapted rules, F6B (AeroMusicals) by F3P adapted rules, F6D (Hand Thrown Gliders) by F3K adapted rules. For Artistic Aerobatic, adaptation of F3M and/or F3N can be considered. Remark: it is not appropriate to maintain the specific Working Group for Airsports Promotion classes. That is the responsability of the Subcommittees on behalf the CIAM Bureau to suggest adaptations of the rules in order to be more attractive for the public and the medias for specific events. Bruno Delor
  7. Ola ! A big thanks to the organizers for this great competition ! Conditions were not easy but we flew a lot. Here are the pictures I uploaded on Picasa: See you next year ! Cheers, Pierre
  8. Dear Alvaro, As Promised, the settings are waiting for you in your private mailbox ! Enjoy your pike All the best, Pierre
  9. prondel


    Hi all, To be exact, Milan Demcisack Senior passed away. his son, also named Milan continues the production, that is why the Rotmilan is now available. For information, I designed the color scheme on the pictures sent by Henry. Mine will be like this, and the same underside, but black and white. I should receive the Rotmilan in the coming days or weeks. More pictures on planet-soaring as soon as I get it. C U ! Pierre
  10. Hi all, This is not an April fool . Samba told me about this project 1 year ago already. They have been slow to make the molds and the first prototype. See you all in 3 weeks. Pierre
  11. Es una noticia muy triste que me dices. Su amabilidad y buen humor se puede perder Joao! Descansa en paz all?. Mis pensamientos y condolencias est?n con su familia y seres queridos. Pierre