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  1. Hello Alvaro, Yes, I will bring it to Wales. See you there Hello Henry, The Predator III is also new to us. It was its second F3F here. I can say it is significantly better then the older versions, both in build quality and performance. 8)
  2. ?Hola! One week after the maiden flight, the Rotmilan took 2nd runner up in her first F3F. Still dialing in the settings but we can see her potential! More photos:
  3. In the first video I flew the plane and Angus took the video. In the second video Angus flew the plane and I took the video. Obviously Angus is flying a lot better than me!
  4. Hi all, Some videos took yesterday: It was the first flight. Wind was not very good, at about 2~4m/s. The plane is docile and easy to control. Looking forward to try it in stronger wind! Enjoy !
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    Extreme F3F

    Hi Henry, The youtube logged the websites that linked to the video. I am curious about who have watched my videos and then I found this forum. Nice to meet you! I think the internet is one of the big inventions in the last century. It brings people together. (And so is the online translation ) The Extreme has a thin profile, and a small camber too. The bottom part of the wing is nearly flat, with only some small camber at the tailing edge around the wing root. Aileron and flap hinges are on the bottom side too. I think it is designed for full lamination flow to minimize the drag as much as possible. And for this it is successful because many pilots here who have flown it have a common impression: it has very low drag. The price for this is the maximum lift it can generate. The thermal flap setting, ballast and snap flap settings are quite critical because if you made a wrong decision, it cannot climb fast in the first 30 seconds. Too small the snap flap it will stall in a hard pull and too much it will add extra drag. I think this plane flies best when the wind speed is over 6m/s. Below this it is very much depends on the thermal condition. For me I would prepare a DEMO for the calm condition (3m/s). I also want to know if the fibre glass version has better performace in getting height in light wind (for its lighter wings). I did ordered one but probably due to some misunderstanding a carbon Extreme was made. Need to wait for the next batch!! I have no hesitation in recommanding this model. But as you said there are many good models in the market too. So the best thing is to get one and try if it fits your flying style. ;D ;D ;D Best regards, CM Cheng
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    Extreme F3F

    Dear all, I following the link on the Extreme video and come to this forum. Greeting to everyone The plane in the video is mine and I took the video. If you check the date I posted the video it was back to July, 2008. The Extreme in the video clip is a test version and at that time it had not yet been given a name. Since the model came from the same builder of the DEMO and so we called it "New Demo". Regards, CM Cheng