Que futuro para os planadores de F5J?

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Qual será o futuro dos modelos de F5J? Continuaremos com os planadores de F3J motorizados ou iremos ver modelos fabricados de propósito para F5J?

Estou a pensar comprar um planador novo. Não sei se devo esperar mais um tempo para passar do Pulsar 3600 ou comprar já um dos modelos actuais?


Um abraço,


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Hi Paulo,

I can talk from my experience with Pike.  They manufacture thermal duration planes primarily for f3j.  The wings for f3j and f5j planes should, in principle, be identical. So, I wouldn't expect anything special for f5j in coming years. The difference arises with the fuse.  Pike has made an electric fuse for the Perfect in the past. It was the same as the f3j fuse but with the nose pre-cut. It remained narrow, and had a downward slant that was designed for dork landings, which have no purpose in f5j. The new Perfection has an even narrower fuse which considerably limits your engine and battery choice and makes the assembly a royal pain in the arse even if the remainder of the plane is of an extraordinary quality and the flight characteristics impeccable.  It looks like other manufacturers follow a similar approach and are first and foremost concerned with the f3j market with no future change in sight.  In short, I don't think it's worth waiting. Buy what works now. You could be in for a long wait if you want a f5j-specific fuse. The wings will be the same anyway.


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